This application is for financial assistance for Weekend One of Marlysa Sullivan's Integrative Approach to Pain training at Etowah Valley Yoga. Applications are open to Atlanta based yoga teachers who are active in the community. 

Please be sure to answer the following questions to the best of your capacity; take care with grammar and usage so that we are able to read your application with ease. Acceptance of financial assistance also includes a commitment to completing a short feedback survey about your learnings from the course.
First and Last Name *

Email Address
We will only contact you regarding Cultivate Union communications.  *

Phone Number
We will only contact you regarding Cultivate Union communications.  *

Street Address *

Have you received financial assistance from Cultivate Union in the past 6 months? *

Have you already paid for the Chronic Pain module or do you have any other outside sources of financial assistance? *

If you answered yes to the question above, please explain.

Where and when did you complete your 200 hour training? Please include the studio name and year you received certification. *

Do you have any additional certifications related to teaching yoga? *

We are curious to know the spaces in which you share yoga. Please write in your response below. 
Examples: Yoga Studio, Gym, Corporate Yoga, Schools, Shelters + Transitional Housing, Hospitals + Healthcare Settings, etc. *

Based on your answer above, how many yoga classes do you teach weekly? When applicable, please make a distinction between public and private offerings. *

What is your commitment as a yoga teacher?


Please one career goal of yours related to teaching yoga that you'd like to achieve within the next year and how completion of this Chronic Pain module will support you. *

Please share what service means to you and any specific opportunities you'd like to be a part of through either Cultivate Union or Sacred Chill West.

We understand the importance and necessity of representation in yoga. If you are from, or belong to, a community that is often under-represented in the yoga community at-large, please share it with us here.
This community may be, but isn't limited to, communities of color, LGBT, and people with learning differences or disabilities.

Are you confident you will be able to attend the full 15 hours of this training?

Please be specific about any financial hardships that make it difficult to pay for this training. 
Example: My monthly income after utilities and bills is $XXX.XX which makes it difficult to pay for this out of pocket.

Please share any additional comments/questions/concerns here.

Thank you so much for your submission! We will be notifying all applicants of our decision email. Please email with any questions you may have. Thank you and have a great day!

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